Payment Methods
We do not accept any other payment method than the above. We are not liable for loss of payment or any other damages that may result from an attempt to pay by other means not specified.
The SKORPI offers the following payment methods:
- Bank transfer
- Paypal
- MB
- Credit card
Order cancellation before shipping

The customer can cancel the order products without any associated cost, provided that they have not yet been sent. If the customer placing an order and want to cancel it you should contact our Customer Service ( and ask for the cancellation of your order. Only after this procedure is possible our Department Customer cancel the order. If the request for cancellation is not possible the products will be shipped to that customer, if keep its intention to cancel the order, shall refuse to accept them. Products will be returned and, upon receipt, the reversal will be processed (excluding postage).

Return defective products

The customer has the right to return the delivered products if it appears that these have defects or other non-conformities in relation to the products ordered. The return may be made within 15 days after receipt of order. If your complaint is justified, the price and the shipping costs will be reimbursed. For more information on how to return and chargeback information, please contact Customer Service.

Return withdrawal by products

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the products you ordered can proceed with the return of the item within 15 days of receipt, provided that:

* The product has not been washed or used (unless the product contains information otherwise, the customer has the right to try articles to test the size and shape, but can not use them);
* The product retains its original features
* The product is complete (eg both a couple of items have to be returned.);

You can not return:

* Products that have been tampered with or showing signs of wear

Information about return

In case of exchange / refund will be necessary to send the article to our address:

John XXI Avenue # 11 RC / H LEFT 1000-298 Lisbon

If you do not have availability to go to the post office can schedule a collection CTT Expresso at no cost to the customer only in case of defective items. Only need to enter which day and more convenient address because we can not report exact time of collection and will need to be someone to deliver the order to delivery. The CTT Expresso collections are made between 09.00 and 19.00.

In the case of exchange, please inform us via email ( reference, color and size of the desired article.

Exchanges of goods purchased from the online store can also be made in physical stores by invoice presentation and greater than or equal valuables.

In case of return, if the payment was made through ATM reference, we will proceed to a bank transfer. To do this, please send NIB for address. If the payment was made by credit card or Paypal we will proceed to refund to the card used in the purchase.

For further information please contact